[HarfBuzz] Language-specific forms in Scheherazade [was: Fwd: Re: Questions regarding hb_language_t]

Bob Hallissy bob_hallissy at sil.org
Mon Dec 16 07:21:41 PST 2013

On 2013-12-16 at 6:00 Jonathan Kew wrote:
> Hi Bob & Lorna,
> I'm hearing reports that the language-sensitive forms (such as the 
> Sindhi and Urdu variants of Eastern Arabic-indic digits, and variants 
> of Meem and Heh; maybe one or two others, I forget exactly) that we 
> had in Scheherazade are not working as expected in the 2.0 font.

Er, I guess that would be because I broke it ... in February it seems.


> Looking briefly at the GSUB lookups, I don't see the language-specific 
> lookups I'd expect. In the 1.x font, it looks like we handled this 
> within the 'calt' feature (which is a little odd - I'd have expected 
> it in 'locl' - but perhaps we had a good reason for it at the time, I 
> forget). 

The good reason is that, at least at the time, MS shaper for Arabic 
didn't process locl.  And it still isn't listed as one of the features 
supported by their shaper in 
http://www.microsoft.com/typography/OpenTypeDev/arabic/intro.htm. Anyone 
know differently?

> The attached testcase...


On this subject: I would have expected language-specific forms to work 
with Graphite rendering since the language table therein appears to work 
(at least it does with WorldPad -- admittedly using the old Graphite 

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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