[HarfBuzz] Unexpected alternative glyphs

Behdad Esfahbod behdad at behdad.org
Wed Dec 18 17:07:23 PST 2013

The font is bogus.  The "unexpected" glyphs are coming from the 'calt'
feature, which according to the OpenType standard should be on by default.
Report to the font developer.

On 13-12-18 07:53 PM, Arjen Nienhuis wrote:
> I use a font with many alternative glyphs: it has many different forms
> for the same letter. It's this font: http://www.sudtipos.com/fonts/2
> It's called Affair, see attachement.
> Now with the libraries that come with Ubuntu 12.04 the font works but
> doesn't use the alternative glyphs. This is fine.
> Now if I upgrade to the newer versions of Ubuntu or Debian it starts
> to use the alternative glyphs. But it does so in an apparently random
> way and this makes the text unreadable.
> I created the file affair-test-fail.png using this command on Ubuntu 13.10:
> pango-view --font 'Affair 70' -t "Aabc" -q -o the-filename.png
> The file affair-test-expected is created using our own software on
> Ubuntu 12.04 using pango with cairo.
> I fixed this temporally by opening the font in FontForge and randomly
> deleting GSUB stuff until it looked good again.
> Is there another way to fix this? Maybe by setting some options from
> cairo, or by upgrading to some latest git version of something?
> Thanks in advance,
> Arjen Nienhuis
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