[HarfBuzz] Obtaining OpenType MATH Info

Elliot Potts elliotpotts at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 12:46:39 PST 2015

I'm planning on writing a scientific calculator application - this 
involves laying out maths in a way similar to TeX (XeTeX, LaTeX, etc.) 
and mathml in Mozilla Firefox.

Initially I looked towards FreeType to render the glyphs in the 
Mathematical Operators unicode block - but this is not enough to provide 
good looking typography because some glyphs need to be altered - e.g. 
the line on a square root sign must extend over it's operands. I then 
learned that I could use the MATH Advanced Typographic Tables found in 
the OpenType format (section of the spec - found here 
to draw mathematical glyphs correctly. As far as I can tell, FreeType 
does not support reading the MATH tables of OpenType fonts.

Is there any way that HarfBuzz can help me in laying out maths? My 
expectation is no - because my understanding is that harfbuzz is for 
layout (or "shaping"?) and not for loading glyphs.

If I am correct in saying HarfBuzz cannot help, then do you have any 
advice in where I should look to next?

Thanks in advance,
Elliot Potts.

(PS this is the second time I've sent this in because now I'm a member 
of the mailing list)
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