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Tue Mar 3 13:28:51 PST 2015

Actually, HarfBuzz *is* the logical place where the MATH table parser and layout engine should reside. With MATH nearing standardization in OFF (the ISO version of OpenType), it would be logical to make a first attempt. 

Jonathan Kew has written some code to parse the MATH tanle as part of his XeTeX project, but I presume that his code relies on bits of TeX to do the layout, so it's nit self-sufficient.

I know that Jonathan does collaborate on HarfBuzz and he'd probably be the best person to say how feasible adding MATH to HB would be (because it's not done now). 

At this point, I guess your best bet would be to look at XeTeX, though it may to be a bit heavy on dependancies. 

On the other hand, XeTeX has been ported to JavaScript via emscripten as part of texlive.js, so it may nit be that beastly after all.


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> On 03.03.2015, at 21:46, Elliot Potts <elliotpotts at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm planning on writing a scientific calculator application - this involves laying out maths in a way similar to TeX (XeTeX, LaTeX, etc.) and mathml in Mozilla Firefox.
> Initially I looked towards FreeType to render the glyphs in the Mathematical Operators unicode block - but this is not enough to provide good looking typography because some glyphs need to be altered - e.g. the line on a square root sign must extend over it's operands. I then learned that I could use the MATH Advanced Typographic Tables found in the OpenType format (section of the spec - found here) to draw mathematical glyphs correctly. As far as I can tell, FreeType does not support reading the MATH tables of OpenType fonts.
> Is there any way that HarfBuzz can help me in laying out maths? My expectation is no - because my understanding is that harfbuzz is for layout (or "shaping"?) and not for loading glyphs.
> If I am correct in saying HarfBuzz cannot help, then do you have any advice in where I should look to next?
> Thanks in advance,
> Elliot Potts.
> (PS this is the second time I've sent this in because now I'm a member of the mailing list)
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