[HarfBuzz] hb_shape API failing for MAC default Indic MT and Sangam MN fonts

Muthu Nedumaran fontwork at murasu.com
Thu Oct 11 11:14:17 UTC 2018

The MN fonts prior to macOS Mojave do not include OpenType tables.  They only had AAT.  Try it on Mojave.


> On 11Oct, 2018, at 6:09 PM, Vijendra Singh <visingh at quark.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am using Harfbuzz 1.7.6 for Indic languages in my application but failed to get correct result from hb_shape API for all MAC default Indic MT and MN fonts like- Devanagari MT and Devanagari Sangam MN fonts.
> e.g- Input buffer is-
>    प+त+्+र+क+ा+र   द+ि+स+ं+ब+र   स+े  म+य+ा+ं+म+ा+र
> Resulting output is- 
> <image001.png>
> whereas it should be like- 
>      पत्रकार दिसंबर से मयांमार
> It seems that issue is in glyph substitution and glyph positioning.
> Similar issue is also in Chrome if we render the above text with these fonts but it is rendering fine in application like- MAC TextEdit and Safari with these fonts.
> Kindly suggest whether the issue is in hb_shape API or in the fonts or I have to do something at my end to get desire result.
> Thanks,
> Vijendra Singh
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