[ANNOUNCE] evemu 1.2.0

Benjamin Tissoires benjamin.tissoires at gmail.com
Thu Nov 21 14:24:42 PST 2013

evemu records and replays device descriptions and events, making it
possible to emulate input devices through the kernel's input system.
Emulated devices are for most practical purposes indistinguishable 
from real devices.


Release 1.2.0 (2013-11-21)

* new file format 1.2. The main reason for this is to catch
the resolution for the absolute axis.

* some cleanups here and there

Please note that this is the last release before we switch
to the libevdev backend to read/write events from the kernel.

Please file bugs at


Complete list of changes since 1.1.0

Benjamin Tissoires (3):
      gitignore: add tar.xz to the list
      Introduce a script to convert old dumps into evemu file format 1.1
      Release version 1.2.0

Peter Hutterer (28):
      Don't generate gz, xz is enough
      Don't define INPUT_PROP_*
      Don't try to print bits we don't have
      Add usage hint if not enough args are given
      Use versionsort instead of alphasort
      Blackist a few double-defined event names
      Replace INCLUDES with AM_CPPFLAGS
      Read/write abs.resolution field
      README: point to new input-tools mailing list
      data: update N-Trig files to EVEMU 1.2 format
      test: add test for reading in a device description
      Add some missing braces
      Fix typo
      Fix some indentation in evemu_record
      tools: use CLOCK_MONOTONIC for recordings
      Offset events by the first event time
      Move evemu.h into src directory
      test: conditionally use INPUT_PROP tests
      Add comments to explain how the libtool versioning works
      Bump library version to 2:0:1
      python: check for _is_propfile attribute to exist
      python: add evemu_has_bit to symbol list
      python: fix typo in copyright message
      Use accessors instead of direct access fields
      Actually set the version field
      Only overwrite NULL names on evemu_read()
      test: link evemu statically into the test
      tools: make functions static in evemu-event

git tag: v1.2.0

MD5:  4968c3f0349efcda0804de7d58c1d1a5  evemu-1.2.0.tar.xz
SHA1: d05151822e7175fbb92409b7a669b70502e30ea9  evemu-1.2.0.tar.xz
SHA256: bcc2a97a8e10048ff6b9122180d27ccada63d4f8ca89e61e962201a13551f475  evemu-1.2.0.tar.xz

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