[ANNOUNCE] libevdev 0.5

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Thu Nov 21 16:00:12 PST 2013

libevdev 0.5 is now available. One new interface: the ability to look up
symbolic names (e.g. "BTN_TOOL_FINGER") and convert them to the respective
numeric equivalent. See the API documentation for more details.

New behaviour: libevdev_change_fd() now allows -1 as a file descriptor. This
enables a caller to "disable" the device without having libevev keep a
potentiall stale file descriptor.

We now ship the latest linux/input.h and build against that. Thus, symbol
resolution will work correctly even if libevdev was built on an older
kernel that didn't provide a given symbol. Talking about older kernels,
libevdev's backwards compatibility has improved significantly. See
for documentation of what kernel versions are supported.

APIs deprecated in 0.4 will now be removed upstream and stop working in 0.6.

David Herrmann (7):
      Fix wrong libevdev clock test
      Add startswith() helper
      Create event type/code lookup tables
      Add libevdev_event_type/code_from_name() resolvers
      Add name-resolver unit tests
      build: set AC_CONFIG_SRCDIR
      build: check for build/link flags harder

Gaetan Nadon (9):
      Update COPYING file.
      Review/update .gitignore files
      autogen.sh: fix broken out-of-source tree building
      autogen.sh: remove unneeded m4 configuration workaround
      configure.ac: AC_INIT: add bug report url
      configure.ac: add copyright statement
      configure.ac: AC_PROG_CC_C99: use C99 compiler
      configure.ac: remove redundant AC_SUBST(PYTHON)
      python: request version 2.6 or higher

Peter Hutterer (26):
      Capitalize uinput header guards
      Add extern C guards to libevdev-uinput.h
      Disable gcov by default
      Use AC_MSG_RESULT to print the few configuration options
      Mark three deprecated functions as such
      Note that libevdev_change_fd requires a LIBEVDEV_FORCE_SYNC
      Uppercase #define LIBEVDEV_INT_H
      Check for linux/input.h during configure
      Allow -1 as valid fd in libevdev_change_fd
      Don't allow a negative fd in libevdev_set_fd
      configure: test for python and python-argparse
      Add a copy of linux/input.h
      Pass linux/input.h as argument to make-event-names.py
      When running against a kernel without properties, continue as usual
      Make uinput-code backwards-compatible to missing UI_SET_PROPBIT ioctl
      Work around missing EVIOCGMTSLOTS ioctl
      Document backwards-compatibility behaviour
      Revert "Check for linux/input.h during configure"
      Reset the struct on set_fd
      Disallow disabling EV_SYN event codes
      Make sure EV_SYN is always set
      Check max to see if an event type is valid
      Require autoconf 2.62
      Provide separate lookup functions for zero-terminated strings
      Drop gcov flags from main libevdev sources
      libevdev 0.5

Stephen Kitt (1):
      Avoid shipping generated documentation twice

git tag: libevdev-0.5

MD5:  851ac31ff9b85591cbdc92724840a179  libevdev-0.5.tar.xz
SHA1: 743e6b895fffc73f80af5425fa10ac21f61e670f  libevdev-0.5.tar.xz
SHA256: 8a17b6912842b97df852f52e389ba69138c82605d4584204be9531b72d0d8bbb  libevdev-0.5.tar.xz

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