[Bug 76388] upgrade from 10.0.3 to 10.1.0 causes all composited windows (texture from pixmap) to become black

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> it's not e that handles y invert - it's evas (library e relies on) and it
> does handle it - correctly. it was actually our added support of yinvert
> extension for egl/gles that caught the bug in #73371. since we started
> handling it on egl/gles on intel drivers pixmaps are inverted.
> in this case pixmaps are just plain all black - no pixel data at all.
> everything blank. a downgrade to 10.0.3 fixes that. in fact it seems to vary
> from machine to machine. on some intel gfx systems it is 100% of the time
> black. on others its intermittent - depends on boot. reboot and then it
> works just fine, until randomly a boot later it's black again. i think
> sandybridge is always black, ivybridge is "sometimes black".
> nb - this problem we currently see happening with glx+opengl (not egl/gles).
> i haven't tried egl/gles as i don't normally need/want it).

Based on this I think the bug might be also in glx or x (?) I will debug some
more with my test cases, will also check what is the difference between EGL and
GLX in this case. Could you run evas/e17 against egl and gles2 and see if that
works, just to confirm that we have same result there?

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