[Bug 77702] [i965 Bisected]Piglit spec/NV_conditional_render_blitframebuffer fails

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--- Comment #1 from Ian Romanick <idr at freedesktop.org> ---
I think the test is incorrect.  

Section 10.10 (Conditional Rendering) of the OpenGL 4.4 spec says:

    "If the result (SAMPLES_PASSED) of the query is zero, or if the
    is false, all rendering commands described in section 2.4 are
    discarded and have no effect when issued between
    BeginConditionalRender and the corresponding EndConditionalRender."

Section 2.4 (Rendering Commands) says:

    "Such commands are called rendering commands, and include the
    drawing commands *Draw* (see section 10.5), as well as these
    additional commands:

        • BlitFramebuffer (see section 18.3.1)
        • Clear (see section 17.4.3)
        • ClearBuffer* (see section
        • DispatchCompute* (see section 19)"

It would have been much better to have these spec references in the commit
message and the in-code comments than the reference that is there.  Oh well.

Out of curiosity... Does this test pass as-is on NVIDIA or AMD?

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