[Bug 93355] [BXT] intermittent ext_framebuffer_multisample.accuracy fails

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Fri Dec 11 11:16:05 PST 2015


            Bug ID: 93355
           Summary: [BXT] intermittent
                    ext_framebuffer_multisample.accuracy fails
           Product: Mesa
           Version: git
          Hardware: x86-64 (AMD64)
                OS: Linux (All)
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: medium
         Component: Drivers/DRI/i965
          Assignee: idr at freedesktop.org
          Reporter: mark.a.janes at intel.com
        QA Contact: intel-3d-bugs at lists.freedesktop.org

In triaging CI results, I have noticed intermittent but persistent failures for
multisample accuracy tests:

piglit.spec.ext_framebuffer_multisample.accuracy 16 stencil_resolve
piglit.spec.ext_framebuffer_multisample.accuracy 4 srgb small linear.bxtm64
piglit.spec.ext_framebuffer_multisample.accuracy 4 stencil_resolve small
piglit.spec.ext_framebuffer_multisample.accuracy all_samples depth_draw small
piglit.spec.ext_framebuffer_multisample.accuracy all_samples stencil_draw
piglit.spec.ext_framebuffer_multisample.accuracy all_samples stencil_resolve
small depthstencil.bxtm64
piglit.spec.ext_framebuffer_multisample.accuracy all_samples stencil_resolve

These failures go back at least as far as mesa 80890eb, the oldest BXT tests
that we have on record in the CI.

Ben's suspicion is that these failures began with enabling fast clears in
c4edc048c6f6877461a9d9dc07142640f380f340.  It is also possible that the
hardware can't meet the accuracy thresholds of the tests.

A second category of intermittent BXT piglit tests is 
piglit.spec.glsl-1_30.execution.tex-miplevel-selection texturegrad
piglit.spec.glsl-1_30.execution.tex-miplevel-selection textureprojlod
piglit.spec.glsl-1_20.execution.tex-miplevel-selection gl2:textureproj(bias)
piglit.spec.glsl-1_30.execution.tex-miplevel-selection texture() 1darray.bxtm64

As with the multisample accuracy tests, these miplevel selection failures have
been gathered from dozens of test runs.

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