[Bug 93362] Implementation error: bad target in _mesa_get_current_tex_object() with Intel Skylake HD 520 graphics

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--- Comment #1 from Ian Romanick <idr at freedesktop.org> ---
Can you run this in GDB?  If so, can you set a breakpoint in _mesa_problem
(that's the function that logs the "Mesa 11.0.6 implementation error" message)?
 When the breakpoint is hit, do "bt -full" and copy-and-paste the output into
the bug report.

It looks like there's another GL error triggered before that.  Can you also
(separately) set a breakpoint in _mesa_error and provide the same "bt -full"

My guess is that there's two separate problems.  One is likely in cogl, and the
other is likely in Mesa.  This information should help figure out which is


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