[Bug 92759] [Regression, bisected] Screen is darker than expected in Supertuxkart

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--- Comment #14 from Deve <deveee at gmail.com> ---
I didn't check it on other applications, but now STK is not able to compile
some shaders. The problem is in this line:

uniform layout(r16f) volatile restrict writeonly image2D dest;

The "r16f" format is not recognized.

Log from console:

[warn   ] GLWrap: OpenGL debug callback - SHADER_COMPILER
[warn   ] GLWrap:     Error type : ERROR
[warn   ] GLWrap:     Severity : HIGH
[warn   ] GLWrap:     Message : 0:78(16): error: unrecognized layout identifier
[error  ] GLWrap: Error in shader bilateralH.comp
[error  ] GLWrap: 0:78(16): error: unrecognized layout identifier `r16f'

But this is sepearate issue. Perhaps MESA_FORMAT_B8G8R8X8_SRGB is not handled
properly somewhere (it has been added recently).

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