[Bug 92033] [SNB, regression, dEQP, bisected] functional.shaders.random tests regressed

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--- Comment #1 from Jason Ekstrand <jason at jlekstrand.net> ---
I'm pretty sure I know exactly what's going on here.  NIR has swizzles for all
ALU instructions, but i965 can't swizzle some (maybe all?) math instructions. 
The easiest fix would be to simply make emit_math emit an additional MOV if
there is a non-trivial swizzle.  The reason this showed up as a regression is
probably that we're doing better coalescing now than we were before.  The bug
was present, we just weren't tickling it.  I'm re-assigning this to one of the
Igalia people.

DISCLAIMER: The above is entirely off the top of my head.  I haven't looked at
the docs or the actual shaders.

Mark: As a side-note, we should probably be running dEQP on a HSW as well as
BDW.  That way we get their merciless shader tests on vec4 as well as FS.  That
would have caught this one earlier.

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