[Bug 92193] [SKL] ES2-CTS.gtf.GL2ExtensionTests.compressed_astc_texture.compressed_astc_texture fails

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--- Comment #4 from Nanley Chery <nanleychery at gmail.com> ---
Looks like there's a bug in the CTS. It looks for the ASTC formats in the list
returned by glGetIntegerv(GL_COMPRESSED_TEXTURE_FORMATS, ...). As mentioned in
spec, the ASTC format enums won't be returned by this function:

Interactions with OpenGL 4.2

    OpenGL 4.2 supports the feature that compressed textures can be
    compressed online, by passing the compressed texture format enum as
    the internal format when uploading a texture using TexImage1D,
    TexImage2D or TexImage3D (see Section 3.9.3, Texture Image
    Specification, subsection Encoding of Special Internal Formats).

    Due to the complexity of the ASTC compression algorithm, it is not
    usually suitable for online use, and therefore ASTC support will be
    limited to pre-compressed textures only. Where on-device compression
    is required, a domain-specific limited compressor will typically
    be used, and this is therefore not suitable for implementation in
    the driver.

    In particular, the ASTC format specifiers will not be added to
    Table 3.14, and thus will not be accepted by the TexImage*D
    functions, and will not be returned by the (already deprecated)

I'll send a patch upstream to fix this. Should I take any further steps?

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