[Bug 85064] modesetting driver plus DRI3 causes extremely slow scrolling with WebKitGTK+ in accelerated compositing mode

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Wed Aug 3 01:07:50 UTC 2016


--- Comment #38 from Michel Dänzer <michel at daenzer.net> ---
(In reply to Dave Airlie from comment #37)
> 00:50 < keithp> So, they can't use a pixmap because GL sucks, I assume
> 00:50 < airlied> yeah most likely a GL suckage

[Citation needed]

Why exactly can't they use pixmaps for this?

> 00:53 < keithp> DRI2 behaviour used to be unthrottled entirely
> 00:53 < keithp> you'd get infinite FPS
> 00:54 < keithp> which kinda sucked when the screen saver fired and your
> CPU/GPU utilization went to 100%

Actually, the DRI2 behaviour depends on the driver. The -ati/amdgpu drivers
probably synchronize to the same CRTC as with DRI3, and extrapolate the refresh
timings using timers while the CRTC is off.

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