[Bug 97229] [IVY BRIDGE] Vkquake segment fault when change resolution in the menu

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Sat Aug 6 21:17:57 UTC 2016


--- Comment #2 from mrc_munir <maximu at gmail.com> ---

Ops In the latest changes are change binary to ./vkquake I'm miss that part so
no running anymore some Validation errors and Miss Input support.

For Other hand You sugerence the Commit Fix resolution rarely working very

ERROR Surface doesn't match video width or height

In the code use

if (vulkan_surface_capabilities.currentExtent.width != vid.width ||
vulkan_surface_capabilities.currentExtent.height != vid.height)
Sys_Error("Surface doesn't match video width or height");


 Couldn't acquire next image error

In the code Use

if (err != VK_SUCCESS)
                Sys_Error("Couldn't acquire next image");

In the gl_videsdl.c file


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