[Bug 97267] [BDW] GL45-CTS.texture_cube_map_array.sampling asserts inside brw_fs.cpp

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Thu Aug 11 19:23:40 UTC 2016


--- Comment #4 from Francisco Jerez <currojerez at riseup.net> ---
(In reply to Ian Romanick from comment #3)
> (In reply to Francisco Jerez from comment #2)
> > (In reply to Ian Romanick from comment #1)
> > > Curro: git-blame says you wrote the assertion.  Could you take a look at
> > > this?
> > 
> > I've been trying to reproduce this today, but the test passes for me...  Are
> > you running this on mesa master or do you have additional changes applied?
> I started looking at this one because Mark had already observed a crash in
> this test on the CI.  Were you perhaps running a release build without
> assertions? :)  What platform are you on?  I and the CI saw this on BDW.  It
> looks like the CI does not encounter this on SKL.  Not sure about other
> platforms.
> https://github.com/janesma/mesa_jenkins/blob/master/cts-test/bdw.conf
> https://github.com/janesma/mesa_jenkins/blob/master/cts-test/skl.conf

Right, I was testing on SKL which doesn't crash at that point, I can reproduce
the crash by running it on BDW.  I believe the reason why it works on SKL is
that it now uses the TXL_LZ message instead of TXL, which reduces the payload
size by two preventing it from exceeding the sampler payload limit.  I believe
on Gen7-8 platforms sampling from a cubemap array with shadow comparitor on a
non-FS stage has been broken since the FS back-end supports non-FS stages... 
I'll send a patch.

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