[Bug 93840] [i965] Compiler backend uses too much stack with Alien: Isolation

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Tue Feb 14 11:51:01 UTC 2017


--- Comment #25 from Eero Tamminen <eero.t.tamminen at intel.com> ---
Got an apitrace, I'll mail you & Matt a link to it.

There are multiple FS shaders that spill 20 to 50 items, and compute shaders
like this:
43621: message: shader compiler performance issue 655: compute shader triggered
register spilling.  Try reducing the number of live scalar values to improve
43621: message: shader compiler issue 656: CS SIMD32 shader: 23733 inst, 0
loops, 415136 cycles, 1507:3332 spills:fills, Promoted 0 constants, compacted
379728 to 283984 bytes.
47174: message: shader compiler performance issue 828: SIMD16 shader failed to
compile: CS compile failed: Failure to register allocate.  Reduce number of
live scalar values to avoid this.
47174: message: shader compiler issue 829: CS SIMD8 shader: 6683 inst, 0 loops,
83406 cycles, 263:590 spills:fills, Promoted 18 constants, compacted 106928 to
72800 bytes.

(The first CS shader takes at least 10 min to compile before getting to game
menus, and same, or similar shader takes another 10 min when starting game from
the menu.)

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