[Bug 103227] [G965 G45 ILK] ES2-CTS.gtf.GL2ExtensionTests.texture_float.texture_float regression

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Mon Nov 20 12:42:27 UTC 2017


--- Comment #7 from Tapani Pälli <lemody at gmail.com> ---
When the first texture upload happens via glTexImage2D we 'adjust' the internal
format since GLES <= 2.0 does not have sized formats specified. This could be
what is causing the issues here since we might set GL_RGB16F and GL_RGB32F as
internalformat there.

So taking that in to account ... it looks like glTexSubImage2D error checking
is a bit broken. It uses texture_format_error_check_gles() which has been
originally written for glTexImage() family of functions so the internalFormat
checks there don't make sense 'as is' for floating point textures. I will
attempt to write a fix based on these assumptions.

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