[Bug 104884] memory leak with intel i965 mesa when running android container in Ubuntu

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Mon Feb 12 09:56:10 UTC 2018


--- Comment #4 from yanhua <78666679 at qq.com> ---
I found _mesa_glsl_compile_shader is called very frequently. which will
eventually call into  glsl_type::get_interface_instance() and then

The glsl_type::get_interface_instance() declare a stack variable gls_type()

in glsl_type(), has a free ralloc_array, ralloc_strdup call which will call

If the program exit. this memory will released _mesa_destroy_shader_compiler we
call _mesa_glsl_release_types().

Since this memory allocated is useless(just be cached). at least for the
stacked object. It is better to release it very soon.

My program needs to run a long time. Those memory get no chance to be released.
And the system memory is exhausted.

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