[Bug 105351] [Gen6+] piglit's arb_shader_image_load_store-host-mem-barrier fails with a glGetTexSubImage fallback path

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Fri Mar 16 11:28:18 UTC 2018


--- Comment #4 from Andriy Khulap <andriy.khulap at globallogic.com> ---
Actually intel_get_tex_sub_image() is called 3 times: 2 times during test
initialization (source datas are float 0 1 0 1 and all floats 66) and once when
checking the results (source data is half red - half green).
Destination addresses for these 3 calls all different.

Modifying test to do Write-Read-Write (instead of Write-Write) solving the
Write-Write-Write still fails.

P.S. these results are for "fallback" path with intel_gettexsubimage_blorp
returning false.

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