[Bug 107058] [Wayland] plasmashell gets SIGSEGV after clicking on Application Menu for second time

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pkgbuild for patched mesa

There are two way to test the patch:

1. Manually clone mesa repository, apply patch, build it, and launch
startplasmacompositor with LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH=path_to_compiled_mesa/lib/dri

See https://www.mesa3d.org/meson.html for build instructions, instead of "meson
configure build/" you can compile less with:

meson configure build/ \
       -D b_ndebug=false \
       -D buildtype=debug \
       -D prefix=path_to_compiled_mesa \
       -D platforms=x11,wayland,drm,surfaceless \
       -D dri-drivers=i965 \
       -D gallium-drivers= \
       -D vulkan-drivers=intel \
       -D dri3=true \
       -D egl=true \
       -D gbm=true \
       -D gles1=true \
       -D gles2=true \
       -D glvnd=true \
       -D glx=dri \
       -D libunwind=true \
       -D lmsensors=true \
       -D shared-glapi=true \
       -D valgrind=false \

Next compilations with "ninja -C build/" will be incremental.

2. Since you are on Arch you can use custom pkgbuild as a more convenient way,
it will be installed system-wide but you'll later just reinstall mesa from the
official repo. Downside is that Mesa will need full rebuild (but it's not that
long) if I provide other patches. 

I'm attaching PKGBUILD which will also apply my patch, you'll need to place it
in separate directory, run makepkg there and then "makepkg --install" (see

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