[Bug 107058] [Wayland] plasmashell gets SIGSEGV after clicking on Application Menu for second time

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debug log having applied the patch above

(In reply to Danylo from comment #18)

It was very kind of you to provide a specific PKGBUILD for this purpose. It
indeed compiled much faster than I expected.

I was able to test the crash again, but got different results. I have been
unable to catch plasmashell getting SIGSEGV. It is just Xwayland who gets
SIGABRT twice and then exits.

I have already seen this before (not back when I opened this report) but
plasmashell would at times still get SIGSEGV. This doesn't seem to be the case

Some time ago I found the crash this report is about can be worked around with
'QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland-egl', which will force all Qt applications into native
Wayland rendering (and I guess plasmashell is one of them). So Xwayland can be
considered suspect of this issue.

If there is a bug in Qt, Xwayland or another library, then I imagine the
SIGSEGV was caused by either of these messing up before mesa finished rendering
their items (and thus causing the miptree not to be created properly). I guess
your patches just make mesa less vulnerable against this.

I'm enclosing the log for one of the crashes, with INTEL_DEBUG=fbo,mip. I have
no actual knowledge about rendering, so maybe you find more meaning in it.

Thank you very much.

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