[Bug 107058] [Wayland] plasmashell gets SIGSEGV after clicking on Application Menu for second time

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Tue Nov 6 12:13:26 UTC 2018


--- Comment #20 from Danylo <danylo.piliaiev at gmail.com> ---
The only error in logs is:

> Xwayland: ../xorg-server-1.20.1/hw/xwayland/xwayland-present.c:516: 
> xwl_present_flips_stop: Assertion `xwl_window->present_window == window' failed.

Which looks like a cause of latest crash, it probably should be reported to

The PKGBUILD I provided produced debug build, before making any conclusion,
could you change

> -D buildtype=debug \


> -D buildtype=plain \

and rebuild the package. If mesa doesn't crash in debug build but will crash in
release that would tell us something.

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