[Bug 105301] The big SKQP bug

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--- Comment #52 from Dongseong Hwang <dongseong.hwang at intel.com> ---
(In reply to Kenneth Graunke from comment #51)
> (In reply to Dongseong Hwang from comment #50)
> > In my opinion, Intel has no excuse to Google about this conformance test
> > failure, and a major product has been broken.
> Thank you for the analysis.  I believe you're correct that we should allow
> this.  The specs were fairly new when we first implemented this, and there
> were very few users, so it makes sense that we'd need to adjust things now
> that it's in more widespread use.

Thank you.

> Please avoid grandstanding about how we're "breaking major products", "have
> no excuse", and other implications that we're doing a terrible job.  In the
> open source world, it only makes people less likely to care about your
> problem and listen to you.  Thank you.

Sorry for bad sentence. As the second English speaker, subtle nuance is always
difficult for me. I just translated my language to English. I'll be more

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