[Bug 107760] GPU Hang when Playing DiRT 3 Complete Edition using Steam Play with DXVK

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After this GPU hang happened and this report was generated, the system behaved
as if it was in an unstable state.

It happened when I was using 4.18.5 kernel. To simulate a memory pressure
situation, I used the following command:

sh -c "echo 2048 >

That creates huge pages that use 4 GB of RAM and can't be swapped. Then I
opened the game and tried to play it but the GPU hang happened when showing the
track. It's important to note htop was still showing 1 GB of free memory when
the hang happened.

The worrisome event was after this hang. The system crashed when I used the
command `lxc list` in the terminal. The sound from Audacity kept looping a very
short portion of the track endlessly. Nothing was working, nor tty, nor num
lock, nor opening and closing the notebook lid would turn on or off the panel.

In a second try under the same conditions, the system crashed when I opened
xfce4-display-settings. It crashed as hard as before.

No logs were generated after that crashes, as if the logging services had
crashed too.

I understand the allocation of huge pages to test memory pressure has reached
the point of experiment, but it was useful to find this "unstable state"

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