[Bug 107734] [GLSL] glsl-fface-invariant, glsl-fcoord-invariant and glsl-pcoord-invariant should fail

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Tue Sep 4 08:22:01 UTC 2018


--- Comment #3 from vadym <vadym.shovkoplias at globallogic.com> ---
Hi Tapani,

Yep, looks like patches are almost the same. I didn't expected that some
patches can be on review since 2014 :)

I checked following WebGL tests which are related to invariance:

1) conformance/glsl/bugs/global-invariant-does-not-leak-across-shaders.html
(Passed: 3/3 in 100.0 ms)

2) conformance/glsl/bugs/invariant-does-not-leak-across-shaders.html (Passed:
3/3 in 84.0 ms)

3) conformance/glsl/misc/fragcolor-fragdata-invariant.html (Passed: 1/2 Failed:
1/2 in 98.0 ms)
    failed: [unexpected fragment shader compile status] (expected: true)
Declaring both gl_FragColor and gl_FragData invariant should succeed.

4) conformance/glsl/misc/shaders-with-invariance.html (Passed: 19/19 in 116.0

5) deqp/functional/gles3/shaderbuiltinvar.html (Passed: 27/31 Failed: 4/31 in
944.0 ms)
    failed: builtin_variable.max_vertex_output_vectors_vertex: Invalid builtin
constant value
    failed: builtin_variable.max_vertex_output_vectors_fragment: Invalid
builtin constant value
    failed: builtin_variable.max_fragment_input_vectors_vertex: Invalid builtin
constant value
    failed: builtin_variable.max_fragment_input_vectors_fragment: Invalid
builtin constant value

6) conformance2/glsl3/invalid-invariant.html (Passed: 3/3 in 82.0 ms)

7) conformance2/glsl3/valid-invariant.html (Passed: 4/4 in 92.0 ms)

and got the same results without and with the patch. So looks like this change
doesn't affect WebGL.

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