[Bug 107760] GPU Hang when Playing DiRT 3 Complete Edition using Steam Play with DXVK

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Wed Sep 19 23:27:24 UTC 2018


--- Comment #27 from leozinho29_eu at hotmail.com ---
Definitively, the cause of GPU hangs on DiRT 3 Complete Edition are the
shadows. In the settings, if Shadows are set to anything higher than Ultra Low
the GPU hang may happen on races at morning, evening or even fog (there are
detailed shadows in fog races starting from Low settings).

Changing the settings to Ultra Low makes the GPU hangs stop. Ultra Low has very
simple shadows, as if they are just drawn in the track instead being dynamic,
with the car passing on a shadowed area but the car is not shadowed, for
example. With Low setting and better the car is shadowed when passing in a
shadowed area, as a comparison.

I noticed only now the second dmesg was truncated because of the drangonrise
messages. The second dmesg is the continuation of the first dmesg.

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