[Bug 107968] [kb] GPU HANG: ecode 9:0:0x85dffffb, in zoom

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Wed Sep 26 07:26:18 UTC 2018


--- Comment #10 from Marcin Owsiany <marcin at owsiany.pl> ---
Thank you for the suggestion, Denis!

While installing packages directly from the testing suite into a stable system
is risky, your suggestion made me realize that there might be a more recent
kernel in the "backports" suite. And indeed, there is
linux-image-4.17.0-0.bpo.3-amd64 which is built in a way that should work
flawlessly in my system.

There are also some more recent mesa packages available, but there are quite a
few of them, and I'm wondering which ones I really need? Do I need to look at
the libraries which zoom is linked against? Or is it the X server which needs
the updated libraries? Sorry if this question seems silly, but I hope that I
can test this with a little bit of your help...

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