[Bug 108088] glBlitFramebuffer issue with max possible buffer sizes

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Wed Feb 6 10:26:57 UTC 2019


--- Comment #1 from Sergii Romantsov <sergii.romantsov at globallogic.com> ---
Assume that a size of framebuffer is 160*160
We have a read-buffer and write-buffer.
In general: reading of pixels of any region-size and writing them into
region-size that greater or equal to 160 should give us the same results (whole
area of write-buffer should be filled by color of read-buffer). That is
satisfied except we are using some big pixel-values (dstX1, dstY1) starting
from 0x7ffffff.
I haven't found any restrictions in minimum/maximum values for parameters
(dstX0, dstY0) and (dstX1, dstY1), they are integers so looks like they could
be any valid integer.

Test shows that for big dest-region a draw performed incorrectly.
Correct blit of 160*160 region to dest (0xffffff, 0xffffff):
Incorrect blit of 160*160 region to dest (0x7fffffff, 0x7fffffff):
Incorrect blit of INT_MAX*INT_MAX region to dest (INT_MAX, INT_MAX):

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