[Bug 110507] [Regression] [Bisected] assert in fragment shader compilation when SIMD32 is enabled

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Wed Jun 12 13:45:16 UTC 2019


--- Comment #3 from Eero Tamminen <eero.t.tamminen at intel.com> ---
Valgrind doesn't give any additional info, just abort backtrace (same as I got
with systemd-coredump from Weston when enabling SIMD32 heuristics):
==5950== Process terminating with default action of signal 6 (SIGABRT): dumping
==5950==    at 0x48CE6A5: raise (in /usr/lib64/libc-2.29.so)
==5950==    by 0x48AF860: abort (in /usr/lib64/libc-2.29.so)
==5950==    by 0x48AF736: ??? (in /usr/lib64/libc-2.29.so)
==5950==    by 0x48BF545: __assert_fail (in /usr/lib64/libc-2.29.so)
==5950==    by 0x6BEBC7E: fs_visitor::assign_urb_setup() (brw_fs.cpp:1745)
==5950==    by 0x6BFB847: fs_visitor::run_fs(bool, bool) (brw_fs.cpp:7664)
==5950==    by 0x6BFD659: brw_compile_fs (brw_fs.cpp:8039)
==5950==    by 0x66ED3FB: brw_codegen_wm_prog (brw_wm.c:123)
==5950==    by 0x66EE44F: brw_fs_precompile (brw_wm.c:590)
==5950==    by 0x66DADD3: brw_shader_precompile (brw_link.cpp:56)
==5950==    by 0x66DADD3: brw_link_shader (brw_link.cpp:374)
==5950==    by 0x68E9798: _mesa_glsl_link_shader (ir_to_mesa.cpp:3170)
==5950==    by 0x6910023: create_new_program (ff_fragment_shader.cpp:1131)
==5950==    by 0x6910023: _mesa_get_fixed_func_fragment_program

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