[Intel-gfx] Development plans after 2.7.0

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Thu Apr 16 04:04:21 CEST 2009

Since I've been acting as the release manager for 2.7, I'd like to share
some thoughts now that 2.7.0 is out.

First of all, let me thank everybody that has worked so hard testing
release candidates, reporting bugs, poring over obtuse documentation,
and coding fixes. We've really put together an impressive release, and
everyone involved should feel good about it. Well done!

Meanwhile, there are still some bugs, of course. We had these 4 bugs on
our 2.7 release-blocker list that didn't get fully fixed:

20761 [KMS] x11perf has a low performance
17638 [945GM] intermittent crashes (Ring of Death) if ExaNoComposite unset
19304 [i945 FBC] spontaneous black screen (major pipe-A underrun)
19578 [i915] VT->X get black screen if non-DRI or UXA

We obviously still want to fix these bugs, (and others), and it will be
easy to make 2.7.x point releases as fixes come in. Will do that quickly
as fixes land.

Meanwhile, we're ready to really shake some things up on the master
branch. We are about to remove some fairly big chunks of code from our
driver, (XAA, EXA, dri1, etc.). This will simplify our code-maintenance
burden and should dramatically improve our ability to deliver a robust,
and well-performing driver.

We also don't want to cause any major regressions from any of this code
removal, so we'll want early input from the community. I hope we'll have
a snapshot showing this removed code very early, (and if I understand
the X.org numbering scheme correctly that will be

Anyway, I hope that everyone is excited about this stuff as I am. Seeing
a huge pile of #ifdefs get removed from code I'm working on is a very
appealing prospect.

Happy hacking,


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