[Intel-gfx] Intel 2.7.0 + kernel 2.6.30-rc2

Claudio M. Camacho claudiomkd at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 20:28:56 CEST 2009


I just upgraded my Debian and I was happy to see already the 2.7.0 of 
the intel driver. However, there is a problem that happens when KMS is 
enabled, and it not only happens with 2.6.30 but also with 2.6.29 and

This problem is that, when I start the X server, the image on the screen 
is diffuse. I took a screenshot, but the screenshot is correct (since it 
is done internally). This only happens with 2.7.0 + KMS, and it is 

Well, I can try to guess where to click and so on, but the whole image 
is just full of vertical bars and the image on the display is repeated 
many times (in a blurry way) behind those vertical bars.

On the other hand, if I disable KMS, 2.7.0 shows higher performance than 
2.6.3. It doesn't show all the performance that it should provide the 
GM45, but still is better than with 2.6.3. glxgears is 1.5x faster, but 
this is not a benchmark. However, ioquake3 moved from 53fps to 75fps 
with the new 2.7.0 (still I got about 100fps in an Ubuntu without GEM 
nor UXA, with an older driver, so I guess it can do better).

To sum up, if you have a Debian and upgrade to 2.7.0, don't enable KMS, 
or you won't see anything. I don't know if is a problem with my stack, 
here is the list of packages I use:

xserver-xorg-video-intel 2.7.0
libdrm-intel1 2.4.9
libdrm2 2.4.9
xserver-xorg 7.4
xserver-xorg-core 1.6.1
mesa 7.4

Furthermore, I attach the option "nopat" to the kernel boot line, due to 
the well-known random crash, until it gets fixed.

Has anybody got the same problem as me, with the vertical bars or the 
fuzzy image on the display when enabling KMS with 2.7.0? If no, I guess 
I have some non-working stack of packages in my Debian, or something is 
wrong with my Vaio.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you :)


Claudio M. Camacho

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