[Intel-gfx] black desktop in KDE4 with current git master

Stefano Avallone stavallo at unina.it
Tue Apr 28 01:02:43 CEST 2009


just in case anyone cares, I report an issue found after updating and 
compiling the full X stack (dri2proto, libdrm, mesa, xserver and the intel 
driver) as of a few minutes ago. I am running kernel 2.6.30-rc2 (plus jbarnes' 
"drm/i915: allow tiled front buffers on 965+") with DRI2 and KMS.

Enabling kwin's compositing effects, I get a black desktop with no panel and 
no plasma applets. However, I can run and see application windows and the 
compositing effects work. In the attached snapshot, you can indeed see the 
opacity and translucency effects working.

If I disable compositing effects, I can get everything (desktop, panel, 
applets) back again.

Since I am frequently monitoring the git master, I can add that such a 
behavior appeared after the last changes related to the implementation of 
DRI2GetBuffersWithFormat. Before those changes, however, compositing effects 
failed to activate.


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