[Intel-gfx] [RFC] [Patch 0/5] [DRM/I915] :Separate several DRM debug levels

yakui_zhao yakui.zhao at intel.com
Tue Jun 2 08:07:49 CEST 2009

    When the X is started in UMS mode, we can see the info related with the mode
setting in the Xorg.log(For example: SDVO device command, modeline validation). 
This is very helpful to analyze the issue related with modesetting.
    When KMS is used, we have no such info. Maybe it is very useful that
we can get such info in KMS mode. For example: adding the debug info by
using the DRM_DEBUG macro definition.

    Now all the DRM debug info will be reported if the boot option of
"drm.debug=1" is added. Sometimes it is inconvenient to get the debug
info in KMS mode. We will get too much unrelated info. For example: drm
ioctl info.

    The following patch set is to add several different debug level for
DRM. The debug level can be used to print the different debug info.For
example: The DRM_CORE level can be used to print the debug info related
with drm ioctl. The debug level is controlled by the drm_debug module
parameter. It can be changed by adding the boot option or drm module
parameter I/F.

     Patch 1/5: Separate the different DRM debug levels.
		In the patch four debug levels are defined. DRM_CORE,
     Patch 2/5: Replace the DRM_DEBUG with DRM_DEBUG_KMS to print the
info in intel_lvds

     Patch 3/5: Replace the DrM_DEBUG with DRM_DEBUG_KMS to print the
debug info in intel_sdvo

     Patch 4/5: Replace the DRM_DEBUG with DRM_DEBUG_MODE to print the
debug info in drm_mode

     Patch 5/5: Replace the DRM_DEBUG with DRM_DEBUG_DRIVER to print the
debug info in i915 driver.

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