[Intel-gfx] [RFC] [Patch 0/5] [DRM/I915] :Separate several DRM debug levels

yakui_zhao yakui.zhao at intel.com
Tue Jun 9 04:28:08 CEST 2009

On Tue, 2009-06-02 at 14:07 +0800, yakui_zhao wrote:
> Hi, 
	Any comments on this patch set?
	Is it convenient to get the debug info in KMS mode?
>     When the X is started in UMS mode, we can see the info related with the mode
> setting in the Xorg.log(For example: SDVO device command, modeline validation). 
> This is very helpful to analyze the issue related with modesetting.
>     When KMS is used, we have no such info. Maybe it is very useful that
> we can get such info in KMS mode. For example: adding the debug info by
> using the DRM_DEBUG macro definition.
>     Now all the DRM debug info will be reported if the boot option of
> "drm.debug=1" is added. Sometimes it is inconvenient to get the debug
> info in KMS mode. We will get too much unrelated info. For example: drm
> ioctl info.
>     The following patch set is to add several different debug level for
> DRM. The debug level can be used to print the different debug info.For
> example: The DRM_CORE level can be used to print the debug info related
> with drm ioctl. The debug level is controlled by the drm_debug module
> parameter. It can be changed by adding the boot option or drm module
> parameter I/F.
>      Patch 1/5: Separate the different DRM debug levels.
> 		In the patch four debug levels are defined. DRM_CORE,
>      Patch 2/5: Replace the DRM_DEBUG with DRM_DEBUG_KMS to print the
> info in intel_lvds
>      Patch 3/5: Replace the DrM_DEBUG with DRM_DEBUG_KMS to print the
> debug info in intel_sdvo
>      Patch 4/5: Replace the DRM_DEBUG with DRM_DEBUG_MODE to print the
> debug info in drm_mode
>      Patch 5/5: Replace the DRM_DEBUG with DRM_DEBUG_DRIVER to print the
> debug info in i915 driver.
> Welcome the comments.
> Thanks.
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