[Intel-gfx] [RFC] [Patch] [DRM/I915] :Add a debufs I/F to dump the I915 register

Simon Farnsworth simon.farnsworth at onelan.com
Mon Jun 8 13:42:45 CEST 2009

yakui_zhao wrote:
> Sometimes we can see the register snapshot without using the
> intel-gpu-tools. For example: in UMS mode we often get the register
> snapshot several times in starting X. 
> It will be good that we expose the raw register values and then they are
> parsed by intel-gpu-tools if we need to extend the decode.
> How about adding two debugfs I/F? One is to dump the raw register
> snapshot(without decode and format). Another is what I have done in the
> patch.
Why not just expose the raw register values in debugfs, and copy them to
one side for intel-gpu-tools to deal with whenever you get to an
interesting point? Should be as simple (in userspace) as "cp
/sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/registers ~/dump" at interesting points.
Simon Farnsworth

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