[Intel-gfx] [patch] Fix XV scan line calculation when rotated

Barry Scott barry.scott at onelan.co.uk
Fri Jun 19 18:40:48 CEST 2009

Łukasz Kuryło wrote:
> > > Or maybe after transformation to crtc coordinates, crtc->y is 
> unnecesary?
> > We need someone that knows what crtc->y is used for to comment.
> > Then fixing the code to match will be simple.
> >
> > Barry
> I've updated my odg drawing. I'm thinking this should be good approach:
> box_in_crtc_coordinates = *box;
> if (crtc->transform_in_use)
> pixman_f_transform_bounds (&crtc->f_framebuffer_to_crtc, 
> &box_in_crtc_coordinates);
> y1 = (box_in_crtc_coordinates.y1 <= 0) ? 0 : box_in_crtc_coordinates.y1;
> y2 = (box_in_crtc_coordinates.y2 <= crtc_last_scanline) ? 
> box_in_crtc_coordinates.y2 : crtc_last_scanline;
> My assumption here is that after transformation to crtc space all 
> coordinates of the box are relative to "upper left" corner of given 
> crtc (if rotated 180 than it's lower right corner, etc.) anyway 
> relative to first scanline.
> With this assumption box_in_crtc_coordinates.y1 can be negative. All 
> thats left is that we need to now how many scanlines crt has. In 
> normal case thats crtcbox.y2 - crtcbox.y1.
> But when rotation is added we need to calculate that in other way. Or 
> maybe that information is available somewhere without calculation?
That's good to know what the crtc-y is for.
I agree it should not be used at all as the transformation will bring 
the box
into the valid range of lines for the crtc.

I do not think you need to defense about y1 or y2 being out of range.
The transformation must always give you valid line numbers. In which case:

box_in_crtc_coordinates = *box;
if (crtc->transform_in_use)
    pixman_f_transform_bounds (&crtc->f_framebuffer_to_crtc, 
    y1 = box_in_crtc_coordinates.y1
    y2 = box_in_crtc_coordinates.y2

is all that is needed.

If this is correct the patch to DRI2 did not need its defensive code either.

Of course adding asserts would enforce this API contract on the 


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