[Intel-gfx] [patch/fixed] support for waiting on vblank on rotated/transformed displays

Łukasz Kuryło lukasz.kurylo at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 15:26:22 CEST 2009

On wtorek 23 czerwca 2009 11:11:55 Barry Scott wrote:
> Łukasz Kuryło wrote:
> > Monday 22 of June 2009 20:33:48 Łukasz Kuryło napisał(a):
> > > After discussion with Barry Scott and some lame questions at 
> > #xorg-devel,
> > > I've managed to get to this solution which works form me in all 
> > cases. Rotations, transformations in dualhead configuration.
> > >
> > Fixed patch.
> For the record can you confirm that my patch does not work on a dualhead 
> configuration please?
> Barry
I can confirm freezes with your patch on rotated display in dualhead configuration. 
What's more intimidating, even with my clipping, it freezes as soon as I move video window to rotated display.
Maybe VDisplay isn't what I need.

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