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>Le Mer 25 mars 2009 10:39, Zou, Nanhai a écrit :
>> Hi,
>>          I have set up an xvmc-vld branch on git.
>>      This branch will enable xmvc-vld extension on G45 and GM45 boxes.
>>      Compare to previous MC only XVMC support, this will save much more
>> CPU time.
>>          To test it with mplayer, you need to first patch your mplayer
>> with mplayer xvmc vld patch.
>> Please test and comment.
>Do you plan to adapt this work to XV (maybe through UXA ?), or at least
>throught VDAPU ?
>As a linux maintener I'm concerned by the ease of integration of new
>features in distros.

XV is not a proper interface, it only handle rendering, while XvMC can offload decoding to GPU.
Actually the long term plan is to use VAAPI. 

>Actually everything graphic works fine in configuring xorg to use XV with
>a fallback to X11.
>It will be a mess if we have to deal for different models of different
>vendors : just for intel cards : if it's a G45 or G45M, use XVMC, else use
We support XvMC on almost all those cards. 
However on most of the cards we only support XVMC MC interface, 
In XVMC VLD mode, you can offload much more video decoding calculation.
That means save more CPU and power. The XvMC VLD mode is currently only aviable on G45 and GM45.
Video player usually will probe which entry point driver support, then do the right thing.
>Video hardware acceleration is a great and long awaited feature, but it
>could be better if its integration is as transparent as possible ;)

>> Thanks
>> Zou Nan hai
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