[Intel-gfx] Poulsbo framebuffer and dual LVDS

Daniel Toussaint daniel at dmhome.net
Mon Oct 26 07:03:39 CET 2009


My system has an Intel Poulsbo graphics chips with a dual display 
configuration. Primary display is the intel , on board LVDS , secondary 
display is SDVO with a chrontel part that drives an LVDS panel also.
The only way I can get it to work right now, is using IEGD 10.1 - which  
is fine for Xorg. However, our customers need to use a kernel 
framebuffer device as the backend.
I have tried the psb kernel module that comes with the Ubuntu xorg-psb 
package... It does create two framebuffer devices fb0 and fb1 - only fb0 
is usable it seems.
Looking at the code of the driver (quick look ...) it seems that it is 
unsupported to use the second display as sdvo+lvds .... 

My questions:
1.) Is it possible at all , in theory - with the current info on the 
gma-500 grahpics core ?  I mean would it be possible to modify the 
driver to support what I want - without hitting a brick wall ?
2.) Is there any other way to get two framebuffers on this chipset ? We 
don't need any form of acceleration , just two different displays and 
both of them have different resolutions.

I know this may not be the right place to ask, but i am just looking for 
a few pointers or idea's.


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