[Intel-gfx] Xorg 1.10.4 / Intel(R) G35 / purple 2 pixel vertical line after resume from S3 sleep

Marc MERLIN marc_xorg at merlins.org
Tue Apr 17 19:29:34 CEST 2012


On my HTPC with integrated graphics (G35), when I resume from S3 sleep, even
if I switched to text mode before (which I guess is irrelevant now that text
mode is graphical with modprobe i915 modeset=1), most often I see a 2 pixel 
purple line on the left of my screen.

I only seem to be able to remove it by rebooting.
Is there a better way?

Also, is there an official way to see when my HTPC woke up if it is talking
to my AV receiver and my TV, or if the hdmi output is going nowhere because
the TV is off?

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