[Intel-gfx] VAAPI (master or ext) no deinterlacing with Clarkdale GPU

Christoph Evers mail at christoph-evers.de
Wed Feb 1 14:01:48 CET 2012

Hi Attila!

Am 01.02.2012 13:16, schrieb alanwww1:
> Hi  Christoph !
> For the stuttering problem it is cause by lack of shader horse power 
> to use HQ upsacling AND deinterlacing together.

Yes, I noticed this in the meanwhile. GPU top showed me 100% usage :-)

> Please try to set the upscaler from auto to "bilinear" or even 
> "nearest" at the worst case.

It already was bilinear, but even nearest does not help

> Also if you are using xbmc in a composited environment please turn off 
> all compositing or even try to run xbmc in a separate Xsession.

No composite environment, but openbox window manager
> If that does not help, you probably will never have it working 
> stutter-free with Clarkdale.

Yes probably, even with mplayer no chance (68% framedrops)


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