[Intel-gfx] Interlaced mode on intel Clarkdale only colored stripes

Paulo Zanoni przanoni at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 18:57:51 CET 2012


2012/2/13 Atechsystem <Atechsystem at freenet.de>:
> I compiled the kernel from your git repro to test interlaced output with my
> Clarkdale (H55) Chipset.

Which git repo and which branch exactly? You may have a repo without
the patches that fix interlaced modes.

> After installing and reboot I put the interlaced
> line to my xorg.conf and activate them (first by xorg.conf and after that by
> lxdm resolution set tool).

Which line did you add to xorg.conf? What exactly did you do in this
step? Please try to remove every xorg configuration file and test
again with the default configuration

> I only get a screen full of colored stripes after switching from progressive
> to interlaced mode.  My  TV shows 1080i as input mode. After that I read all
> mode lines from my TV by using the xorg server log and tried every
> interlaced modeline I found but always the same striped screen. To get sure
> that I use correct modelines I checked them with an plugged in card from
> another brand and it works immediately.

Please attach the TV, then run "xrandr --verbose" and send us the
output. Please also send the output of intel_reg_dumper:

Paulo Zanoni

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