[Intel-gfx] 3d driver

Saravanan K blackcombmagi45 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 06:30:58 CET 2012

I use opensuse(12.1) Linux.
toshiba laptop, Intel i5 processor, 4gb ram, intel hd graphics
sys info shows===> 2d driver-- intel, 3d driver---- unknown (classic7.11)

But in Gnome 3.2, sys info shows ===> graphics ===> Intel Sandybridge
mobile X86/MMX/ SSE 2.

I am using only KDE, what is the issue for me is----------> 3d driver

When i tried to install mesa 8.0, it shows it will remove every other
libraries, I am a new user, can't understand. Please anyone give me a
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