[Intel-gfx] i810 forgets configured rows & columns on ttys on startx shutdown

Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 29 09:37:28 CET 2013

Embedded Dell motherboard/video BIOS has very limited VESA support!!! 
(F00:80x25=VGA, F01:80x50=VGA, F02:80x43=VGA, F03:80x28=VGA, F05:80x30=VGA, 
F07:80x60=VGA, 309:132x25=VESA, 30A:132x43=VESA, 30B:132x50=VESA, 
30C:132x60=VESA, (8)120:132x25=BIOS, (8)121:132x43=BIOS, (8)122:132x50=BIOS, 

Pre-KMS it used to be that common vga= modes were useless, so I took to using 
0x121 to escape from 80x25 screens. Using 0x8121 required specifying an 
appropriate font via config file. Even after KMS began, vga=0x8121 continued 
to work, and still does at least through kernel 3.4.47.

Now with kernel 3.11.x (openSUSE 13.1) and 3.12.rc6 (Mageia 4):

boot: ttys OK, whatever font, rows and columns kernel determines unless 
specified otherwise on cmdline via vga=. video= and resolution= on cmdline 
have no effect. Vga= still works too if font is correctly specified by config 
file, but only for 0x12# BIOS modes.

After startx is started, before being stopped, ttys remain functional.

Once startx is stopped, ttys may or may not remain functional. Sometimes 
after startx has been run exactly once since booting they continue to be 
useful. Other times, the rows and columns are no longer remembered, switching 
to fonts appropriate to an 80x25 screen, but outputting more than 80 columns 
and 25 rows, scrambling the output in part via line breaks absent when needed 
at column 80.
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