[Intel-gfx] drm-intel geared towards v4.18

Jani Nikula jani.nikula at intel.com
Wed Mar 14 11:46:48 UTC 2018

All, as Joonas sent the final drm-intel feature pull request for v4.17
[1], the drm-intel-next-queued branch is now geared towards v4.18.

As Joonas follows through with fixes for v4.17, I take over features for
v4.18. Rodrigo continues with the final v4.16 development cycles.

The merge deadline for features aiming for v4.18 is in the v4.17-rc5
timeframe. Based on the crystal ball [2], I predict this to be around
May 27th. You have about 2½ months to get your patches in.

Happy hacking,

[1] http://mid.mail-archive.com/152086716471.10203.338554124094146849@jlahtine-desk.ger.corp.intel.com
[2] http://phb-crystal-ball.org/

Jani Nikula, Intel Open Source Technology Center

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