[Intel-gfx] [igt-dev] [PATCH i-g-t] tests/perf_pmu: Improve accuracy by waiting on spinner to start

Chris Wilson chris at chris-wilson.co.uk
Thu Mar 15 14:46:02 UTC 2018

Quoting Tvrtko Ursulin (2018-03-15 14:37:59)
> On 15/03/2018 13:45, Chris Wilson wrote:
> > As we are making changes to igt_spin_t, one of the ideas was that we put
> > the obj[] array there (with the offsets and flags setup correctly) so
> > that we could just feed that in again later without having to worry
> > about the relocations.
> I tried that before but we couldn't agree on resubmit semantics.
> My patch had igt_spin_batch_restart(fd, spin) - so emitting the exact 
> same batch, including the dependency. That would actually work well for 
> this use case.
> So if you are happy with that, I can resurrect that patch, add one more 
> to implement stuff from this patch, and rebase perf_pmu changes to follow.

Honestly, best to do here first, as we will probably take forever to come
up with something we both like and applies to more test cases.

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