[LDTP-Dev] How could I solve this problem?

姜国伟 jianggw at bsw.net.cn
Wed Nov 16 23:52:57 PST 2005

  Hi Premkumar,Nags
  I have tried more ldtp command.

  Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
  NameError:name 'activewin' is not defined

  'click' ,'log'and 'selectmenuitem' pass.

  It seems that "from ldtp import *", works from python prompt ,but 'from ldtputils import *'doesn't work well.

  Hi Nags/Victor,

  I checked the ldtputils.py file and there is a line "import ldtp". So I am not sure why Victor encountred such error.I am afraid ldtp.so file available in Victor's comp is not proper. To cross check it, Victor can try some sample ldtp commands like initappmap, click etc., from python prompt. If "from ldtp import *", works from python prompt then it means things are fine. lets us wait for Victor to try this.

  Premkumar J

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