[LDTP-Dev] Re: modified evoutils

Patrick Gu Patrick.Gu at Sun.COM
Fri Oct 21 00:43:39 PDT 2005

Thanks Shaheed, I done offline-sendmessage/offline-read and update 
licence to other scripts.
But I have two questiones:

1. if map file changes, the script should be modified.  Do we have to 
add remap for all cases?

2.  selectrow ('frmEvolution-Mail','ttblMailFolderTree','Inbox', 2) only 
work on the imap Inbox that doesn't include new message. if imap Inbox 
is 'Inbox(2)', selectrow will not work. So could you have any idea to 
select any MailFolder of other folder in tree by partical 
name.(selectrowpartialmatch doesn't work for MailFolder?)  I use 
selectrowindex replace it tempory but it must be different index for 
different environment.


Shaheed Shaik wrote:

>Hi Patrick,
>I have modified 'evoutils' such that we can reuse compose mail
>effectively. I am sending the new evoutils along with an example script
>to compose mail with/without attachment.
>Please have a look at it and get back with your comments.

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